Safeguarding Your Home

What exactly is Mortgage Protection Insurance (MPI)?
MPI is a tailored insurance policy designed to cover mortgage payments in cases like death, disability, or job loss. It ensures your mortgage is managed, protecting your family’s home during challenging times.
How does MPI differ from traditional life insurance?
MPI is specifically linked to your mortgage balance, with benefits decreasing as the mortgage reduces. It’s typically paid directly to the lender in the event of a claim, unlike traditional life insurance that provides a broader financial safety net.
What events are covered under MPI?
MPI generally covers scenarios like death, disability, and sometimes job loss or critical illness, stepping in to cover mortgage payments under these circumstances.
Is a medical exam required for MPI?
Many MPI policies do not require a medical exam, offering easier qualification compared to some life insurance policies, a benefit especially for those with health concerns.
How are MPI premiums determined?
Premiums are based on factors such as mortgage amount, age, health, and type of coverage. They may offer fixed premiums or adjust over time.
What if I pay off my mortgage early or refinance?
If you pay off your mortgage early or refinance, your MPI policy may end or be adjusted to the new mortgage terms.
Can I choose my MPI beneficiary?
Typically, MPI’s beneficiary is the mortgage lender. Some policies, however, may allow for a portion of the benefit to go to other designated beneficiaries.
Are MPI benefits taxable?
Generally, MPI benefits paid directly to the mortgage lender are not taxable, but consulting a tax advisor for specific situations is advisable.
How does MPI benefit my family?
MPI provides peace of mind by ensuring your family won’t lose their home due to an inability to make mortgage payments in scenarios like death, disability, or job loss, maintaining stability in difficult times.
Should I choose MPI or standard life insurance?
The choice between MPI and standard life insurance depends on your specific needs. MPI is appropriate for mortgage coverage in specific scenarios, while standard life insurance offers broader financial protection for your family. Assessing individual needs and goals with a financial advisor is recommended to make the most suitable choice.