Fixed Indexed Annuities

A Fixed Indexed Annuity (FIA), offered by Doyle Assurance Group, is a retirement savings product that uniquely combines the security of a traditional annuity with the growth potential of a stock market-linked investment. It involves a contract with an insurance company, where you make a single lump sum payment or a series of payments. In return, you receive the promise of future periodic payments. The distinguishing characteristic of an FIA is that its returns are tied to a stock market index, like the S&P 500.

However, it includes a critical safety feature: a guaranteed minimum interest rate to protect your principal investment from market downturns. While returns may be capped, FIAs offer the possibility of higher returns compared to traditional fixed annuities, especially in a thriving market, without directly exposing the investment to market risks. This unique balance makes FIAs an ideal option for those seeking to participate in market gains while safeguarding their principal, particularly beneficial for retirees or those nearing retirement.

Fixed Indexed Annuity

Maximizing Retirement Security with the Strategic Advantages of a Fixed Indexed Annuity

Fixed Indexed Annuity

Principal Protection

The principal protection feature of FIAs ensures the safety of your initial investment, even if the linked market index performs poorly.
Fixed Indexed Annuity

Potential for Higher Returns

Linked to stock market indexes, FIAs offer higher return potential than traditional fixed annuities, allowing you to benefit from market upswings within defined limits.
Fixed Indexed Annuity

Balanced Retirement Savings Approach

FIAs are particularly suited for individuals nearing retirement, offering a mix of growth potential and security, crucial for a stable income during retirement.
Fixed Indexed Annuity

Tax-Deferred Growth

Earnings within an FIA grow tax-deferred, delaying tax payments on interest gains until withdrawal, thus potentially enhancing return compounding over time.
Fixed Indexed Annuity

Guaranteed Income Options

Many FIAs include options to convert the account balance into a guaranteed income stream for life, providing long-term financial stability.
Fixed Indexed Annuity

Flexibility and Customization

FIAs often come with various customization options, such as death benefits and income riders, allowing personalization to meet individual financial goals.
Fixed Indexed Annuity

The Value of a Fixed Indexed Annuity

FIAs serve as a strategic addition to retirement planning, merging the principal protection with market-linked growth possibilities. In scenarios like market downturns, FIAs provide a safeguard against loss while still offering the opportunity to capitalize on market upswings, subject to caps and floors. Their tax-deferred growth feature makes them financially efficient, particularly appealing for those approaching retirement. This balanced, flexible approach to income planning includes options for lifelong income and custom features, making FIAs a comprehensive tool for both peace of mind and financial security in retirement.

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What is a Fixed Indexed Annuity (FIA)?
An FIA is a retirement savings product providing growth potential based on a stock market index while protecting your principal from market downturns.
How is an FIA different from a traditional annuity?
Unlike traditional annuities with fixed returns, FIAs offer returns tied to a market index, providing the potential for higher growth while still safeguarding your principal investment.
What happens to my FIA if the stock market declines?
In an FIA, your principal is protected even if the linked market index performs poorly, thanks to the guaranteed minimum interest rate, ensuring that your investment isn’t lost due to market downturns.
Are there limits on the potential returns in an FIA?
Yes, FIAs typically have caps or participation rates that limit the maximum return you can receive, even if the linked index performs exceptionally well. This is a trade-off for the principal protection feature.
Can I lose money in a Fixed Indexed Annuity?
The principal investment in an FIA is generally protected from market losses. However, early withdrawals might incur fees or surrender charges, potentially reducing your principal.
What are the tax benefits of an FIA?
FIAs offer tax-deferred growth, meaning you don’t pay taxes on the earnings until you withdraw the funds, allowing for more efficient growth of your investment.
Can an FIA be used for retirement income?
Yes, many FIAs offer the option to convert your annuity into a steady income stream during retirement, providing financial stability and peace of mind.
Are there fees associated with FIAs?
While FIAs typically have lower fees compared to other market-linked investment products, some may have administrative fees or charges for additional riders. It’s important to understand the fee structure before investing.
Is an FIA suitable for me?
An FIA may be suitable if you’re looking for a balance between growth potential and principal protection, especially if you’re nearing retirement. Consider your financial goals, risk tolerance, and retirement plans when deciding if an FIA is right for you.
Can I access my funds in an FIA before retirement?
Early access to FIA funds is possible, but early withdrawals may incur surrender charges and tax penalties, particularly if taken before age 59½. FIAs are best viewed as long-term retirement investments.