Privacy Policy

Doyle Assurance Group Privacy Policy

Effective Date: December 28, 2023

Who We Are
Our website, accessible at, is a steadfast advocate for the privacy and security of our clients’ information.

Information Collection & Use

  1. Newsletter Subscription: We rigorously collect and manage your name and email for the sole purpose of delivering essential updates and promotions with utmost confidentiality.
  2. Get A Quote Form: We meticulously gather necessary personal details to provide precise and customized insurance quotes.
  3. Book A Call Calendar: We scrupulously collect scheduling information, ensuring efficient and timely communication for call arrangements.
  4. Contact Form: We conscientiously gather your name, email, and other pertinent details, guaranteeing a responsive and personalized approach to your inquiries.
  5. Chat Bot: We systematically collect data during Chat Bot interactions, including names and messages, to enhance our service quality and responsiveness.
  6. Comments: We stringently capture comment-related data, including IP addresses and browser details, to fortify our site against spam and unauthorized activities.
  7. Media: We staunchly advise against the upload of images with embedded location data to protect user privacy.
  8. Cookies: Our use of cookies is firmly rooted in improving site functionality and user experience, handled with the highest degree of care.
  9. Embedded Content: We prudently manage embedded content, ensuring it adheres to the privacy standards of their respective websites.
  10. Social Media Interaction: We diligently collect information via social media interactions, pledging not to sell this data, and using it solely for legitimate business purposes.

Robust Information Protection
Our security measures are uncompromisingly designed to safeguard your personal information against unauthorized access, alteration, and misuse.

Resolute Third-Party Disclosure Policy
We unyieldingly commit to not selling personal information. Any sharing with trusted partners is governed by strict confidentiality agreements.

Empowering Your Data Rights
You have unequivocal rights to access, rectify, or request deletion of your personal data, reinforcing our commitment to your privacy and control over your information.

Unyielding Data Retention
We persistently retain data to ensure continuity and historical accuracy of user interactions and comments.

Rigorous Data Processing
All user interactions, including comments and social media activities, are subject to our vigorous and automated spam detection processes.

Dynamic Privacy Policy Updates
We will decisively post any changes to our privacy policy on this page, reflecting our ongoing commitment to transparency and accountability.

Contacting Us
For any inquiries about this policy, our unrelenting dedication to your privacy is reflected in our prompt response. Reach us at: