Life Insurance with Living Benefits

Life insurance with living benefits, as provided by Doyle Assurance Group, is a comprehensive financial protection tool. It not only includes the traditional death benefit of a life insurance policy but also offers the flexibility to access funds during the policyholder’s lifetime under certain conditions. Known as accelerated death benefits, these can be availed in cases of chronic, critical, or terminal illnesses.

This type of policy is designed to serve dual purposes: preparing for the financial impact of death on beneficiaries and providing a financial safety net during serious health conditions that affect the policyholder’s quality of life and financial stability. The living benefits feature transforms life insurance from a solely posthumous benefit into a dynamic resource accessible during the policyholder’s lifetime, making it a versatile solution for various long-term financial planning needs.

Unlocking the Power of Life Insurance with Living Benefits for a Smart Choice in Comprehensive Protection

Financial Support During Critical Illness

This insurance provides essential financial support in case of a critical illness diagnosis, helping cover medical expenses, treatments, and other healthcare-related costs.

Income Replacement in Times of Need

It acts as an income replacement during debilitating illnesses, ensuring financial obligations like mortgage payments and daily living expenses are met.

Flexibility and Control Over Funds

These policies offer flexibility, allowing you to control your funds when most needed, unlike traditional life insurance that benefits after death.

Peace of Mind for You and Your Family

This insurance provides immense peace of mind by ensuring financial security in the face of severe health conditions.

Cost-Effective Solution for Comprehensive Coverage

Combining life insurance and critical illness coverage in one policy can be more cost-effective than purchasing separate policies.

Preservation of Savings and Assets

It helps avoid depleting savings or liquidating assets during a health crisis, preserving your financial resources and long-term investment plans.

The Value of Life Insurance with Living Benefits

Life insurance with living benefits offers exceptional value by catering to various financial needs across different life stages. For example, if an individual is diagnosed with a critical illness, these living benefits can provide early access to a portion of the death benefit, alleviating the financial burden of expensive medical treatments and income loss. In cases of chronic illnesses requiring long-term care, these benefits serve as a financial lifeline, helping cover ongoing expenses without exhausting savings or assets. The peace of mind for families, knowing they have financial support during health emergencies, is invaluable. This makes life insurance with living benefits a comprehensive tool, ensuring security in the event of premature death and practical support during unforeseen health challenges.

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Choosing Doyle Assurance Group means partnering with a team of highly skilled professionals, led by the renowned Mark Doyle. Their approach is deeply rooted in ethical practices and personalized service, ensuring that each client’s insurance needs are met with expertise and care.

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What is life insurance with living benefits?
This insurance offers the traditional death benefit of a life policy, plus early access to part of the benefit in certain cases like terminal, chronic, or critical illness, providing financial flexibility when most needed.
How do living benefits in a life insurance policy work?
If diagnosed with a qualifying illness, you can access a part of the death benefit while still alive, using it for medical expenses, lost income, or other needs, easing financial stress during a difficult time.
What illnesses are typically covered under living benefits?
Living benefits usually cover terminal illnesses (with life expectancy typically 12 months or less), chronic illnesses affecting daily activities, and critical illnesses like cancer, heart attack, or stroke.
Does accessing living benefits reduce the death benefit?
Yes, using living benefits reduces the total death benefit, with the remaining amount paid to beneficiaries upon death.
Are there tax implications for using living benefits?
Funds from living benefits are generally tax-free, but consulting with a tax professional for your specific situation is advisable.
How does having living benefits impact policy premiums?
Policies with living benefits might have slightly higher premiums but offer greater flexibility and comprehensive coverage, making them a valuable investment.
Can living benefits be used for non-medical expenses?
Yes, there are no restrictions on using funds from living benefits; they can cover medical costs, daily expenses, debt payments, or any other financial needs.
How to qualify for living benefits in a life insurance policy?
Qualification typically requires a diagnosis of a qualifying illness by a medical professional, with specific terms and conditions outlined in your policy.
What happens if living benefits are not used?
If not used, the life insurance policy functions like a traditional policy, and the full death benefit is paid to beneficiaries upon death.
Should everyone consider a life insurance policy with living benefits?
While it’s a personal decision, a policy with living benefits can be a prudent choice for those seeking comprehensive coverage. It offers the security of a traditional life insurance death benefit, plus added financial protection in case of a serious health event, making it an attractive option for many.